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Covid-19 Testing

Covid Testing

  • Covid is still here – test regularly even though restrictions have eased.
  • Even if you’ve been vaccinated, you are still at risk of getting the virus.
  • Test twice a week and make it part of your everyday routine.



Covid-19 is still with us!


Even though life seems back to normal, even though thousands have had their vaccine, we are still at risk of catching the virus and spreading it to others.


Let’s keep working together and beat the virus.


Take a test twice a week with a home test kit and protect your loved ones.


If you have symptoms, you must stay at home and book a PCR test.


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We may have some of our freedom again, but we’re not free from the pandemic yet.


The virus is still around us!


Everybody needs to do their part – take a test, stop the virus, keep each other safe.


All it takes is two quick and easy tests a week you can do at home.


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Many people – young and old, healthy or not – who have Covid look and feel fine but that doesn’t mean they don’t have the virus. 1 in 3 people don’t get any symptoms at all so can spread the virus without knowing it.


Get tested twice a week to check you don’t have it, especially if you live with family members who are vulnerable.


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Getting into the habit of testing twice a week can be easy…


All adults can get free test kits they can take home if they have no symptoms.


Why not go to a nearby test centre or pick up a test kit on your way home as part of your commute?


If you have symptoms, you need to get a different PCR test (sent to a lab) as soon as possible.


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Before you leave your home, why not get into the habit of taking a test in the morning before you go to work or take public transport!


Even if you have feel well or have no Covid symptoms, taking a test twice a week is one of the best ways to make sure you don’t have the virus and spreading it to others without knowing.


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How can you make sure you’re testing regularly? It’s easy if it’s part of your daily routine!


You could take a test with a home test kit after tucking the kids to bed or before you go to sleep!


Please note home test kits are only for those with no symptoms. If you have symptoms, you need to get a PCR test (sent to a lab) right away.


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If you or a member of your family have had the vaccine, you and they still need to take a test for Covid-19.


Even if you’ve been vaccinated, you can still catch the virus and spread it to others!


Take a test twice a week – and if you get symptoms, follow the national guidance, self-isolate and book a PCR test online.


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Remember, take a test twice a week, even if you feel well.


If you have any of the Covid symptoms – a persistent cough, a fever, or change or loss of sense of smell or taste – you need to self-isolate as soon as possible and book a PCR test online.


Self-isolating can be difficult, but there is help if you need it.


You could also get financial support if you will lose your income or if you have to stop working to look after a child who’s self-isolating.


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All adults who don’t have symptoms can get a free Covid-19 test kit they can do at home. This is through a service called Community Collect.


This makes it easy for you to take a test twice a week in your own time – and you only have to wait 30 minutes to get your result.


Doing the test is a little uncomfortable at first but it doesn’t hurt! You’ll get used to it after a few times!


Watch a step by step guide by Dr Amir Khan on how to use a test kit at home:


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